Monday, February 21, 2011

Late - but u ll see

Hi guys, jezzz.
What strange time. My car crash worked out quite well. The police was very nice. So i didn't have to pay a fee or got charged. My insurance covered everything, but that was a hell of a week.
I stayed in Mackay quite a while. My hostel GECKOs Rest or the backpackers is cute. I met awesome people from all over the world. Kiwis, english, aussies, germans and a lot of french =P We had a good time, partying and drinking beer on our sundeck. No worries. But i got a little bit anxious. I was running out of money. So i wrote Jake, one of the hosts ( if he needs a hand on his farm. Too easy. If i hurry up i would get a lift from Toowoomba( west QLD). But that was when the flodds started. Brisbane and Cairns were under water.
So per accident i good a job at ALBA Group Heavy Equipment Support. Pretty cool, because they are doing the dump trucks for the mines. But because of the weather and Yasi the dump trucks are delayed. I  worked there over 5 weeks as a TA Painter and moved into a room in Mount Pleasant Mackay.
When Yasi came along i went to Geckos for a nice Cyclone Party =P But Mackay wasn't in the center, so it was just another storm.
The following weeks were quite easy. I decided to leave Alba Group to get my qualification for my 2nd year visa.  On my last friday, a couple of work buddies and I went out to the tittis bar in town. Hell of a night with a little fight and a lots of drinks =P
I even had a huge snake around me..... Funny animals =P
Next morning i left for Brisbane. I was picked up by a very nice woman Jennifer( helpx host). Next day i helped her in her garden. Of course i missed a step and fell unlucky. My foot is very sore, bruises everywhere and the tendom is gone. So much for that. So i move to another family tonight as a nanny =P who would have guessed that ^^
See what happens now =P
cya around^^