Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Years EVE

After Christmas and the bad weather we stopped our boat trip and came back to Airlie Beach. Bronwynn and I were able to stay at a friend's house 40 km from Airlie Beach. On Tuesday we left his house to collect stuff we forgot at Carlos boat.
The waves were amazing high and it wasn't so easy to get on the boats.
We left Airlie Beach and our friend drove us to Mackay, where we met up people we knew from Airlie. We spent the night there, drinking and partying. It was fun.
Carlos texted us the next day, the weather will be fine, if we want to go sailing again.
So i rented a car for 4 days in Mackay, we drove to Airlie Beach, got on the boat and on Thursday morning we set sails again and went off to Stonehaven. It was a very nice trip. We had good strong wind.
New Years Eve we sailed to another place. There we met up other sailors as well. After swimming, surfing and relaxing we went to the beach. A nice fire, good food and drinks waited there.
Exactly 5 to 12 it started lashing rain. So we waited the last minutes and everybody was quite happy to go back to the boats.
Good for us, that Greg was already on his boat. He crashed on the beach with highspeed with his little boat. Luckily nothing happend, neither people nor the boat was hurt/broken.
New Year was complicated. We had strong wind, so Carlos wanted to stay on more day. Problem was, if we stay one more day we wouldn't have left before noon the next day.
I needed to go back because of the car.
We arrived in Airlie about 4 pm, Bronwynn stayed there. At 6 pm i was on my way back to Mackay.... and the rest is in the other post.......

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

I started the 2011 on a beach. Surrounded by nice sailors, good food and drinks. But the Day was meant to be
very long.
We arrived in Airlie Beach at 4 pm. After organzing everything in Airlie i drove my nice white rental car back to Mackay. That was at least the plan. But as so often in my life that wouldn't work out.
The drive was nice and quite. But on my way to Mackay i took a wrong turn. I turned around to drive back to the highway. But i got confused. It look like i was on the worng side of the road. But i wasn't.
It was too late, when i realized my mistake. So i hit the other car head-on. My airbags got off and the front of the car was gone. The car started smoking. The other car was in the ditch. The couple suffered a few ugly bruises. We were transported in the hostipal and the police cleared up the mess.
I was checked out, but apparantly i was very lucky...too lucky. I have two bruises and a sore back/neck.
The police came by on Sunday, reported my statement.
I couldn't do anything yesterday, because Mackay was out of Power for the whole frigging day. Everthing was closed.
So i have to do that today. Luckily Bronwynn stayed in Airlie Beach.

Do me a Favour, don't try to call me. send txt od mail or facebook messages.
I answer when i have time for that.

Happy new year