Monday, December 27, 2010

The Boat- A unforgetable Christmas


Hallo, back on shore.
We did have a busy week.  We left for the boat on the 23th. On the evening before that we went for a drink. I ended uo in a night of party, free drinks and good company. We were home about 4 am. AND needed to get up at 6:30am for our boat ride. JEZZZ... what a night. Captain Carlos, a great guy,long hair, about 60, the old sea guy, was supposed to collect us at 8 am, but the weather turned. We weren`t able to leave shore before 1pm. But it was great. We had lots of fun. Even the weather was really bad. We hab a Cyclon, rain, wind, waves. Man-seriously luckily i didn`t get seasick.... or tried very hard.
The first day was short. We arrived in hook island and enjoyed our stay. The way to that space was a little bit rough. But we survived.
Our Dinner was awesome. Carlos is an exellent cook. The evening ended quickly, less sleep and enough drinks=p
The next day Mick, an old buddy of Carlos, arrived. He took us for a ride around the pocket of hook island. It was amazing. We saw purple little craps in sweet water. We went for a walk on a stone beach and climbed up a nice rock=p How adventurous!!!
The evening stopped with a well-cooked meal from Mick, enough drinks and nice smokes =p
The following day started early. It was Christmas!!! We had a huge breakfast. Then Mick took us to a little beach, where we got some reception for our mobile phones.
THEN we went for a swim in the ocean. We went snorkeling. It was murky but still very beautiful.
In the rain we went for a ride with his motorboat. If you sat at the very front, it was like a rollercoaster.
In the afternoon we fished for dinner. We were lucky, but not lucky enough to get it in. Bronwynn and I paddled in the water. She had a Kanu and I had a something different. Like a mix of a surfboard and a kanu. It was hard to paddle. I met up with Bronwynn. We were about to paddle a beach. I lost my balance and something hit me on my leg. OF COURSE. It was a Jellyfish. Nothing serious. But still it scared the shit right out of us. Man. But we had vinegar.
Merry Christmas=p
So, after all that. It was rather unimpressive. We left on the 26th. The weather was going worse. We helped making the boat ready.
I was allowed to set the sail and to steer. NICE. But a gust of wind turned the boat nearly half way. Carlos was taking it over from then on.
In Airlie Beach Bronwynn tried to get the ball. There are chains were to can fix your boat. But the little ball was wraped around the chain. SO we broke the hook to get it. Mick came to our rescue.
Mick took us to the land and offered us to stay with him for the next two days. We collected our stuff at Magmuns and i bought the stupid waterproof case for my camera, which i actually forgot on board.
Mick drove us to a huge Waterfall; to get there we needed to pass a floaded bridge. THAT WAS SO COOL. I always wanted to do that. Mick collected 4 kids on their way to the waterfall. The stand on the boat-trailor.
On the way back, Mick asked me if i wanted to drive. But i didn`t because of the boat in the trailor.
Mick showed us aorund his neighbourhood. It was very beautiful. We saw kanguroos etc.
Today we went back to Airlie Beach to collect our stuff from Carlos. Then we are heading to Mackay.
I stay there with some friends ( another Mick, Mick is a very common name here....), probably for New Years...
We`ll see.
I keep posting!!!

SO ...

Have fun for New Years Eve!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Airlie Beach

Sunday night i packed for my flight to Airlie Beach. I couldn't sleep, so i was awake untill 2:30 am. But i had good company and was able to upload the photos from the weekend. Thanks to Olli. He lend me his USB Stick. It took me 2 hours. But there are now on. I tried to upload some here es well, but it didnt work. When i finally went to bed my bunk mate from the top bed stole my blanket. stupid man. I was frozen and the man woke me up because he jumped off the bed and hit me before he landed on the floor.
I wanted my blanket back. He answered sorry i didnt know thats urs. But he actually asked me that question when he moved in. Lucky him that i left.
The morning came. We were collected at the Nunnery and left my little family there. I will miss the guy and girls there. THANKS TO ALL OF U !!!

Bronwynn and I arrived in Airlie Beach yesterday about lunch time. It was very hot. The Airport was tiny and we actually needed to go out of the building to collect our luggage. We tooked a taxi, it was the some price than the public transportion. We wanted to rent a car. But that was more difficult than we thought and much more expansive. So we checked in the Magnums where are staying untill the 23th dez. Hopefully we can sail. The weather forecast shows a lot of high and low which could form a hurricane, so we donot want to be on a boat when that happens. But i might come back in february. Here a some guys are looking for crew members. A month from here to Melbourne. That would be awesome!! We'll if it works out.

Tomorrow we want to hike some smaller hikes here. There are three different available.

Talk/Write/See you soon!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The nexts steps

Hi Guys,
here is catch up. I didn't do the walk yet. The Great Ocean walk. And Fine wasn't coming with me. She found a job somewhere else. But I definitely will do that. I am flying to the Airlie Beach Area. BECAUSE I go sailing for Christmas at the Whitsunday Island. I can't wait. I got that special offer. 5 nights and 5 days with everything included for 300$. That is awesome. I still have to find something for new year. Bronwynn actually came up with that offer, so I will accompanying her. We probably hike the National Park next to Airlie Beach for two days before we hit the sea=P
I leave on Monday to fly to Airlie Beach at 10 am. LALA
The last week I was at the Aquarium in Melbourne. It was awesome. There is a Jellyfish, the Box Jellyfish, it is the most dangerous sea animal. Marine animal? Whatever. But hopefully I don't touch it, or it me. Because I am flying to the area where it is supposed to live.
But I will be alright.
On Friday we went out. We were invading Brunswick Street. We started with 20 people, but in every club we lost someone.
We were at night club called night cat. It was just Carena, Andrew, Thomas and I. We were just right in time for the live band. I got some video and pictures of that. It was very cool.
The night was going to be very interesting. We meet up Andi, Paul etc. People from our hostel. So I came back about 5 am.
Man I was tired.
Saturday was an easy day. I was sleeping half the day. But I didn't miss anything.
Later on we looked at the photos from Friday night. Saturday night we played a game called goon/beer pong. There are 6 cups with either beer or goon and two pingpong balls. If you hit the glass then the team has to drink it. The loser is the team who has emptied all the cups.
England and Germany played ( I played for Germany) but we lost because of a stupid mistake from my partner. She hit the ball before it the table or the cup. TZ.
But we had lots of fun.
The evening was very relaxing. I went to bed about 3 am.

I even caught the free pancakes on Sunday morning. Sunday was quite amusing. About lunch time Carena ( english) and I went to the Botanic Garden in Melbourne. We finished our walk with a nice Scone and tea. For our walk home the weather decided to change dramatically. It started lashing.
We were completely wet when we arrived the hostel.
For Dinner Carena, Bronwynn and I went to a pub where you get roast meat for 10 $. That was very nice and tasty.
When I got home, I prepare my stuff for tomorrow. Man I already have to much stuff here. Hopefully it is not to much. I am allowed to bring 23 kg.
We see how it works out.
So tomorrow …. I am leaving Melbourne to discover more of the East Coast.


Monday, December 13, 2010

first two weeks.

The first two weeks.

After all that trouble I got an amazing and relaxing time.
I went to St. Kilda to see Pengiuns. Totally sweet. Okay it was so so sweet when they throw up to feat their little babies. I went to the beach, did the sight-seeing in Melbourne and did the usual stuff you do, when you are on holidays.
The hostel “the Nunnery” is awesome. If you want to stay in Melbourne you should go there. If it is possible. They have very second night something on. Like ice-cream or soup, BBQ on Fridays, pancakes on Sundays and you are very central in Melbourne. You are in minutes in Brunswick Street or in the city center. The people are really cool. The atmosphere is just incredible.
I have learned a new drinking game.- Captain Buff. Man after that you are just wasted. If you wanna play it, ask me and before that buy a box of goon (very cheap wine (15$).
We also went to the CROWN casino. I played three hours of poker and won 500$. Nice.
So that was the highlights. I didn't do anything amazing. But now I am preparing for the Great Ocean Walk!!! 100 km of walking. Just google it and see what I am doing. And Fine ist coming with me. I will report next week how it goes.
We are starting on Thursday 16th in Melbourne.
See you are soon =P

First steps!!

Hi guys,
finally I cam around doing my blog.

So here is the story:
29th November
It was snowy, and man it was slippery. But my uncle with his 4x4 has no problems with that. SO lucky me. In Essen central station I waited for my ICE. After three hours I arrived in Frankfurt/Main.
I was terrible hungry, so I went directly to check in my luggage and got my tickets. I was upgraded into the business class. That was pretty cool.
I was allowed in the lounge and could wait there. We were 5 hours late because of the stupid weather. The flight was quite relaxing. I could do my seat into a bed. And I got champagne when I was seated. Nice. I also got a jammys and a bag with creams, ear drops and a sleeping mask.
That was the first 10 hours.
In Singapore we were of course 5 hours late. That was why I couldn't catch my flight to Melbourne. So they booked me to Sidney. But Economy class. I couldn't sleep there. It was very uncomfi.
But the hours passed. We were later than we supposed to be, so I couldn't catch my flight to Melbourne and was booked without my knowledge a flight 2 ½ hours later. I was mad.
Because first after arrving in Sidney I had to check out all my stuff to go through the costums. Of course I had something to declare. The man asked me how my day was. I answered that he shouldn't ask question if doesn't want to know the answer. I told him about my flight and he understood.
I rushed to the counter to check in my stuff again. I got my ticket and went quickly through the security check. I waited there and looked at my ticket and saw that my flight was in 3 hours. Man seriously how incompetent was that fucking company. To get the national flight to Melbourne I needed to change the terminals. That was a 5-10 minutes bus ride. When I arrived at the Terminal I realised that my flight was still there. SO I tried to book me on that. It wasn't possible because of my checked luggage.
I was raving mad.
So I waited the 2 ½ hours. Finally in the plane to Melbourne I caught some sleep. But as usual it was going to be worse.
When we were half through to Melbourne the flight assistence were coming with the drinks. The woman next to me got that stupid fruit drink. Of course she spilled it over my white pants. I had to throw these one away because of the yellow stains.
Finally in Melbourne I just looked where I could get my ticket to my hostel. It was a special bus. Starbus. I needed to call them. At that very moment they called my name over the speakers. Jezzz … never a good sign.
Qantas actually lost my luggage in Sidney. I have no idea why. Fuck company.
So I got the bus to my hostel. I went to the reception and tried to check in. The silly girl said that would be 27 $. I wondered, do I pay very day? No, you just booked a night. But I booked 8 nights and had a confirmation. After a discussion she called the manager. The manager had written a message about my booking in their book. So everything was alright. I got my luggage a couple of hours later and my journey could begin.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Australia The first few weeks

hi guys,
finally i came up with a blog.
So here i go.
I arrvived Melbourne at the 1st.dez. After days of recovery and doing what has to be done, i could enjoy everything here like the Ocean.
You get a more detailed description in the next fes days.

See you soon =P or at least read=P