Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Story

Hi Guys,
has been months since i posted.
But everybody on facebook know what happend the last couple of month=p
In Februar i left Alba Group for Brisbane. The plan was to get my second year qualification. Apparently that did not happen.
When i arrived in Brisbane i was collected by a nice old lady, Jennifer. She had a couple of cats and 2 dogs. That's not a good idea in Queensland. With the heat the smell is overwhelming. Don't get me wrong it wasn't messy but it was definitely smelly.
So i met her over The deal is that you work a couple of hours and you have free food and accommodation and food. So the next day i did a little bit of gardening and wrecked my ankle. ligament rupture. Of course.
So i changed the host and i went for a family as a nanny. My mood was not really improving. Josephine, who was in Perth at that time, wasn't happy either. I said, hi why not coming to Brissie and we spend your last weeks together. No worries. She called up Friday. Just book my flight. Will be there at 7 am. Alright. I rented a car and collected my stuff. I got an iphone as well. Man i am addicted to it. But i just love it.
I called Josephine up at 10 pm brissie time. Hey sweety, hows the airport. Her answer was, why that, i dont need to be there until lunch time tomorrow. Ahmmm no you are flying in less than 4 hours. darling. Rightio. How funny is that. After that was sorted out we met up at the airport. We decided spontaneously to a road trip to Mackay. I was easy for my to get a job there for us.
So off we go. We made quite a pair, Josephine was badly sunburnt from surfing the day before and i couldn't walk. But we did have fun. So no worries. The first thing we did, we bought a car charger and and plug in for our ipod or iphone.
The first day was pretty easy. We had lunch in Noosa and slept somewhere at the sunshine coast. We parked in front of a no camping sign and slept in our car. I actually didn't because of the food. I could not angle myself in a comfy position. So i took my airmatress, my sleeping bag and my pillow and went for the picnic table. There is no way i sleep on the ground with sipder, snake and other little buggers. Finally asleep i woke up at 1:30 am when the car alarm went off. I nearly fall off the table, hopped one-legged to the car. No Josephine there. Shit, what the hell happend. Then i opened the door and she was sitting there, more than half asleep. After 5 minutes we managed to stop the alarm. She got her sleeping bag and i went back to my sleeping place. Just when i was comfy again i heard a car. Of course, what else. the coppers. f***!!
The coppers said, that is a hell of place you have got there. Yepp it is comfy, i have to say. So we had a little chat and all good. They just advised us to leave before sunrise. If they are called, they have to fine us. No worries. In the morning we drove to a national park where we spent our early morning. The day went easy. Roadtrip =p
At night time, we were tailgaited by trucks. No wonder, there are the reasons for lots of crashes here. When we finally arrived our restplace we were more than happy. We pinched up our tent and everything ready and crashed. Man we were tired. Third day of the road we drove straight to Mackay. I showed her Mackay and we camped at Blacks Beach. That night was the only night with a thunderstorm in weeks. Man -we were lucky.
At the fourth day we put in our Resume at Mackay Labour Hire. That night i organzied that we can crash at a mates place. All good. Next morning we got a call from Mackay Labour Hire. They have a job. Alright. We drove to there. One job- so josephine went. I stayed at my mate's until monday then i got a call. Work for you. Alright, coming in. So my questions- her answers
what am i doing
- i have no idea
how long for?
- i do not know
how do i get there?
-with the bus at 1:50pm
right, where do i get the ticket from?
-hold on. 5 min. later it was faxed.
right- see you then=p thanks pleasure=p

That how i went to Mac Camp Moranbah.... and another story starts now

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