Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Airlie Beach

Sunday night i packed for my flight to Airlie Beach. I couldn't sleep, so i was awake untill 2:30 am. But i had good company and was able to upload the photos from the weekend. Thanks to Olli. He lend me his USB Stick. It took me 2 hours. But there are now on. I tried to upload some here es well, but it didnt work. When i finally went to bed my bunk mate from the top bed stole my blanket. stupid man. I was frozen and the man woke me up because he jumped off the bed and hit me before he landed on the floor.
I wanted my blanket back. He answered sorry i didnt know thats urs. But he actually asked me that question when he moved in. Lucky him that i left.
The morning came. We were collected at the Nunnery and left my little family there. I will miss the guy and girls there. THANKS TO ALL OF U !!!

Bronwynn and I arrived in Airlie Beach yesterday about lunch time. It was very hot. The Airport was tiny and we actually needed to go out of the building to collect our luggage. We tooked a taxi, it was the some price than the public transportion. We wanted to rent a car. But that was more difficult than we thought and much more expansive. So we checked in the Magnums where are staying untill the 23th dez. Hopefully we can sail. The weather forecast shows a lot of high and low which could form a hurricane, so we donot want to be on a boat when that happens. But i might come back in february. Here a some guys are looking for crew members. A month from here to Melbourne. That would be awesome!! We'll if it works out.

Tomorrow we want to hike some smaller hikes here. There are three different available.

Talk/Write/See you soon!!

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