Sunday, December 19, 2010

The nexts steps

Hi Guys,
here is catch up. I didn't do the walk yet. The Great Ocean walk. And Fine wasn't coming with me. She found a job somewhere else. But I definitely will do that. I am flying to the Airlie Beach Area. BECAUSE I go sailing for Christmas at the Whitsunday Island. I can't wait. I got that special offer. 5 nights and 5 days with everything included for 300$. That is awesome. I still have to find something for new year. Bronwynn actually came up with that offer, so I will accompanying her. We probably hike the National Park next to Airlie Beach for two days before we hit the sea=P
I leave on Monday to fly to Airlie Beach at 10 am. LALA
The last week I was at the Aquarium in Melbourne. It was awesome. There is a Jellyfish, the Box Jellyfish, it is the most dangerous sea animal. Marine animal? Whatever. But hopefully I don't touch it, or it me. Because I am flying to the area where it is supposed to live.
But I will be alright.
On Friday we went out. We were invading Brunswick Street. We started with 20 people, but in every club we lost someone.
We were at night club called night cat. It was just Carena, Andrew, Thomas and I. We were just right in time for the live band. I got some video and pictures of that. It was very cool.
The night was going to be very interesting. We meet up Andi, Paul etc. People from our hostel. So I came back about 5 am.
Man I was tired.
Saturday was an easy day. I was sleeping half the day. But I didn't miss anything.
Later on we looked at the photos from Friday night. Saturday night we played a game called goon/beer pong. There are 6 cups with either beer or goon and two pingpong balls. If you hit the glass then the team has to drink it. The loser is the team who has emptied all the cups.
England and Germany played ( I played for Germany) but we lost because of a stupid mistake from my partner. She hit the ball before it the table or the cup. TZ.
But we had lots of fun.
The evening was very relaxing. I went to bed about 3 am.

I even caught the free pancakes on Sunday morning. Sunday was quite amusing. About lunch time Carena ( english) and I went to the Botanic Garden in Melbourne. We finished our walk with a nice Scone and tea. For our walk home the weather decided to change dramatically. It started lashing.
We were completely wet when we arrived the hostel.
For Dinner Carena, Bronwynn and I went to a pub where you get roast meat for 10 $. That was very nice and tasty.
When I got home, I prepare my stuff for tomorrow. Man I already have to much stuff here. Hopefully it is not to much. I am allowed to bring 23 kg.
We see how it works out.
So tomorrow …. I am leaving Melbourne to discover more of the East Coast.


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