Monday, December 13, 2010

first two weeks.

The first two weeks.

After all that trouble I got an amazing and relaxing time.
I went to St. Kilda to see Pengiuns. Totally sweet. Okay it was so so sweet when they throw up to feat their little babies. I went to the beach, did the sight-seeing in Melbourne and did the usual stuff you do, when you are on holidays.
The hostel “the Nunnery” is awesome. If you want to stay in Melbourne you should go there. If it is possible. They have very second night something on. Like ice-cream or soup, BBQ on Fridays, pancakes on Sundays and you are very central in Melbourne. You are in minutes in Brunswick Street or in the city center. The people are really cool. The atmosphere is just incredible.
I have learned a new drinking game.- Captain Buff. Man after that you are just wasted. If you wanna play it, ask me and before that buy a box of goon (very cheap wine (15$).
We also went to the CROWN casino. I played three hours of poker and won 500$. Nice.
So that was the highlights. I didn't do anything amazing. But now I am preparing for the Great Ocean Walk!!! 100 km of walking. Just google it and see what I am doing. And Fine ist coming with me. I will report next week how it goes.
We are starting on Thursday 16th in Melbourne.
See you are soon =P

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