Monday, December 13, 2010

First steps!!

Hi guys,
finally I cam around doing my blog.

So here is the story:
29th November
It was snowy, and man it was slippery. But my uncle with his 4x4 has no problems with that. SO lucky me. In Essen central station I waited for my ICE. After three hours I arrived in Frankfurt/Main.
I was terrible hungry, so I went directly to check in my luggage and got my tickets. I was upgraded into the business class. That was pretty cool.
I was allowed in the lounge and could wait there. We were 5 hours late because of the stupid weather. The flight was quite relaxing. I could do my seat into a bed. And I got champagne when I was seated. Nice. I also got a jammys and a bag with creams, ear drops and a sleeping mask.
That was the first 10 hours.
In Singapore we were of course 5 hours late. That was why I couldn't catch my flight to Melbourne. So they booked me to Sidney. But Economy class. I couldn't sleep there. It was very uncomfi.
But the hours passed. We were later than we supposed to be, so I couldn't catch my flight to Melbourne and was booked without my knowledge a flight 2 ½ hours later. I was mad.
Because first after arrving in Sidney I had to check out all my stuff to go through the costums. Of course I had something to declare. The man asked me how my day was. I answered that he shouldn't ask question if doesn't want to know the answer. I told him about my flight and he understood.
I rushed to the counter to check in my stuff again. I got my ticket and went quickly through the security check. I waited there and looked at my ticket and saw that my flight was in 3 hours. Man seriously how incompetent was that fucking company. To get the national flight to Melbourne I needed to change the terminals. That was a 5-10 minutes bus ride. When I arrived at the Terminal I realised that my flight was still there. SO I tried to book me on that. It wasn't possible because of my checked luggage.
I was raving mad.
So I waited the 2 ½ hours. Finally in the plane to Melbourne I caught some sleep. But as usual it was going to be worse.
When we were half through to Melbourne the flight assistence were coming with the drinks. The woman next to me got that stupid fruit drink. Of course she spilled it over my white pants. I had to throw these one away because of the yellow stains.
Finally in Melbourne I just looked where I could get my ticket to my hostel. It was a special bus. Starbus. I needed to call them. At that very moment they called my name over the speakers. Jezzz … never a good sign.
Qantas actually lost my luggage in Sidney. I have no idea why. Fuck company.
So I got the bus to my hostel. I went to the reception and tried to check in. The silly girl said that would be 27 $. I wondered, do I pay very day? No, you just booked a night. But I booked 8 nights and had a confirmation. After a discussion she called the manager. The manager had written a message about my booking in their book. So everything was alright. I got my luggage a couple of hours later and my journey could begin.

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